Saturday, May 2, 2009

Your Daily Dose Of Derby - Celebrating Somewhere Else!

We have made it through yet another work-from-hell week and the ongoing Derby festivities and arrived at Derby Day. Last evening we had dinner with friends and dodged limos on the way home which was just perfect. Today we are honoring a tradition most of you who don't live here won't know about--we're heading out of town, far far away from the madding crowd. If you don't go all in with this Derby thing, by the end of two weeks all you want is a change of scenery.

I am packing up Travis McGee and we are heading to Northern Kentucky to the Newport Aquarium:

Where we will observe the big and little fishies:
Then on to Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati, the most bizarre acreage of grocery on the planet with the best international food section outside of a real ethnic grocery:

And then we will worship at that altar of Swedish design, IKEA,

where I will buy something for $2.00 and Travis McGee will get his box of dark chocolate lace cookies which will be half gone before we reach the Jefferson County line. Somewhere in the middle of this highflying travel we will find a bar or restaurant with a tv and watch the race, then head home, have a late supper and hit the bed. No more Derby until next year!


Kim said...

I'm jealous! That sounds like my dream trip to Cinci/Northern Kentucky! I hope to make that same trip soon, although that's a lot to do in one day! :)

Treehouse Chef said...

We love Jungle Jims!!!! It is the coolest place ever!

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