Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thrifting Is The Bomb!

Once when I was driving down the street I saw this old geezer on one of these bikes with three wheels. I decided then and there I needed one of those. Imagine bringing home the bounty from the farmer's market in that basket. Or the groceries. To me, that bike looks like a symbol for a peaceful, bucolic life that involves leisurely trips to flea markets or a nice Sunday morning ride to brunch with friends. In other words, a life I only know about from my fantasies.
We have been watching for bikes to leave at our house in Florida for renters and family to use and hit the jackpot on Saturday at a yard sale. Here is our find:

And all for the princely sum of three dollars! Of course its' tires are flat and it needs a little TLC but all in all I'm quite happy with it. Travis McGee and I schlepped it home in the trunk of the car with the deck lid bobbing up and down and the bike tied in with a plastic bag and hanging half out the back. Good times.
What was your last thrifty bargain?


Robynn's Ravings said...

When I bought my bike last year I REALLY wanted a three wheel but my kids and Grizzly said I'd look like a granny. I still think they're GREAT!! Good find for you! And what a sweet thought to have it there for others to use. :)

Sonya said...

NIIIIIIIIIIICE! That is a great find and only $3!!

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