Thursday, March 19, 2009

Something, Anything New To Look At On The Front Page Of This Blog

Good lord I am tired of looking at that Key Lime Cake on this blog. I have been otherwise engaged in the social whirl of bunco hosting and book club this week and have left my baby unattended. It's weird to pull it up and see the same thing over and over. I like variety and change so on to something new.

A few notes: Our beloved Louisville Cardinals are the number one seed in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Whooooohooooo! Very exciting. We are in basketball country here and this is a big deal. Plus it's a great diversion from wanting to do horrible things to AIG bonus getters.

Once again I have to say that 365 Days of Crockpotting is brilliant! I made the Pasta Fagioli soup (based on the Olive Garden recipe) that was recommended on her blog for my bunco group. I actually used a similar recipe on Recipezaar but got the idea from her. Great stuff and full of beans and healthy veggies. We are striving to eat more green things and I have started shoving a carrot into anything that is big enough to hide one. Of course we also had raspberry dessert bars which ruined the whole point of the healthy stuff. I'll share the recipes later.

Interesting article here about dietary fiber and how some of what's advertised on food labels is not fiber your body actually uses. Fascinating how swayed we are by marketing!
Speaking of dietary fiber, one of the searches that brought someone to this blog today was "found something white and stingy in my stool". I kid you not. One might assume they meant to type "stringy" instead in which my scientific opinion is tapeworm but either way I'm thanking karma and my stars that I am not making that search tonight. Hope the person in need found what they were looking for since they landed here on "How I Got Over My Shoe Fetish" a post in which I (surprise!) did not delve into the various things one might find when sorting through one's waste.

And lastly, a little man candy since I have no other pictures today. This is George Clooney in Darfur, an issue on which he tirelessly campaigns. Plus he's a Kentucky boy who's made me smile and laugh many times over. And the next picture down is just plain hot. Enjoy!


Robynn's Ravings said...

OMGOSH! You and Treehouse have been off the radar and I just told Hannah-Bo last night that I hoped you hadn't fallen off the face of the earth. So glad to see you!

I'm all about crockpots right now because I don't have time for any actual cooking. I will check this out later.

Oh, and stringy stool and foot fetishes.....saints preserve us!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Georgey Boy!
(by the way, I am always anonymous because I can't figure out how to post any other way!!!)

Treehouse Chef said...

Okay you did it------you made me LOL. Must be nice to have nothing to write about and still make people laugh. It's called talent!!

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