Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Is Finally Here! Maybe? Hopefully!

In theory it is possible that there will be more snow and ice. We have, here in Kentucky, had snow on Derby Day on occasion. We just drink more so it's not a big deal, but normally by the Ides of March (which we know is also Chili Dog Opening Day), we are weeding our gardens and sowing our first lettuce.
The Basilica is located in the oldest intact Victorian neighborhood in the U.S. This is the view coming up the street one over from us this afternoon:

It looks like snow but it's really Bradford Pear trees lining the streets. This happens in one day. You drive up the street and the trees are bare. The next day it looks like this. Amazing.
And these are back out:
These are part of the Flock of Finns. They are fanciful birds created by Marvin Finn, a Louisville folk artist who passed away in 2007. They have been restored and are now residing permanently on the riverfront. And the easiest way to tell spring is here is this: This is Travis McGee doing his favorite thing. We went to the park and chipped a few this afternoon in the 70 degree weather. He was in heaven. I even made some effort to move around a bit. I feel like a bear that's coming out of hibernation! What makes you feel like spring?


Treehouse Chef said...

Love the post today. Old louisville is so beautiful! I always enjoy seeing Brandford Pear Trees.

Tatersmama said...

What beautiful photos!
What makes me feel like spring is finally here, is when I can strip right down to a single pair of socks, and not regret it by noon!

Frugal Maven said...

I know about the socks. So glad to maybe have them off for the season!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Ok. What gives? Blogger has not updated me on your posts and now it's official. I'm going to blog about this phenomenon if only to give others like me a place to vent!!!!

What makes me feel like Spring? Christmas. I'm in California so everything is early here. My Bradford is already leafed out!

Sonya said...

Those trees are simply stunning!

Frugal Maven said...

Thanks Sonya! I love driving down the street when they are in bloom. One of the great things about living in the city!

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