Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Music and Old Friends For Cheap

For all of you Louisvillians on the list, here's a must-see for tomorrow night. On March 10, Spirits of the Red City will do a show at the 930 Art Center, located in Sojourn church in Smoketown/Germantown (depending on which way you look at it). Go here for the info. This group is led by Will Garrison, an extremely talented musician originally from Louisville but best of all it features Jason Overby, a dear friend of ours who can play any instrument you put in his hands. He is currently based in his home state of Alaska so we relish the chance to see him when we can. Plus, this show is $5. And all ages. If you miss them on Tuesday they will also be at ear x-tacy on Wednesday during the day.
So, you know how you said on January 1 you were going to do more new things? And how you swear you like to support the local arts venues? And you've been planning to turn off that tv because Idol really does suck this year? Well, here's your chance. A partially home-grown music collective for a cheap price in a location that caters relentlessly to new and emerging talent and puts its' money where its' mouth is. What more could you ask? See you there!


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