Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Daylight Savings Time

Good morning to you all!

We have sprung forward this morning and I am nursing slight discomforts from being slightly overserved last evening. We were celebrating with friends because Travis McGee had finished a potrait of one of our guests, the Treehouse Chef. We were also celebrating the happy fact that it was 75 degrees here yesterday which is slightly better than the 20 degrees we had last week. And that we all have what at this point seem to be relatively stable jobs. Who knows, though, just like the weather that could change tomorrow.

We were presented with a bottle of champagne by one friend in honor of our recent wedding anniversary. He of the fantastic cajun pork roast recipe I've talked about before. He works in government as the king of prison industries and so procured these for us:

Mine of course says Frugal Maven. It's nice to be loved by dear friends.
And the Treehouse Chef, who was in charge of dessert, brought a mandarin orange bundt cakey thing with orangecello glaze and it looked like this:
And was vulgarly good. I mean put your face in the plate good. It was a madeup recipe of hers so she'll probably blog about it and divulge the recipe and I hope she does. TC loved her portrait. She has been wanting one since Travis McGee did a portrait of our friend Susan who is a follower here and has been a friend for years.
We also made pomegranhattans. Which were excellent. We have been making cranhattans for months now and branched on out due to pomegranate juice being on clearance at Kroger. We were trying out Four Roses bourbon (made in my hometown along with Wild Turkey) that was a gift from another guest as a pickmeup for me dealing with my dad in the hospital the last couple of weeks. Again, nice to be loved.
I made a lasagna (thank you Ina Garten for your idea of goat cheese in the ricotta) which was quite good but paled next to portraits and prison scrubs and mandarin cakes and mellow bourbon and good, festive buzzes. So happy Sunday to you all.


Kim said...

That cake looks delicious! Oh, I wish I was there!

Kim said...

Maybe one day we can have a bloggers get together with Treehouse Chef and I can taste some of her desserts!

Treehouse Chef said...

Thank you Travis McGee and Frugal Maven for a wonderful evening! I am so blessed to have good friends. The lasagna was the best I have ever tasted! I am hiding a bit of it behind the leftover cabbbage in the fridge. the Czar will never look for it there.

Robynn's Ravings said...

I would have flown in from California! ;-) What were you guys thinking celebrating without me? Looks like FUN and YUM!!

Frugal Maven said...

Thanks ladies! Robynn and Kim--would have loved to have you both as guests! Kim-we should get together. You would really like each other.

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