Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Proctor & Gamble Deals

Proctor & Gamble is quite ambitious about relieving consumers of their money. They routinely offer coupons and samples to get people interested in their products. One of the easiest ways to make use of their deals is to sign up for P & G Esavers. Once a month P & G offers coupons that are loaded onto your grocery card. You choose the coupons you want and the grocery you use and they come off automatically when these products are purchased. They also have a great printable list of your coupons so you can keep track of what you have.
These coupons are stackable with other coupons. Here's an example: I have $1.00 off coupon for Tampax tampons on my esaver. I also have a paper manufacturer's coupon for .50 off. Recently 18 packs were on sale for $3.35 at Kroger. I can get the sale price of $3.35 minus $1.00 esaver minus .50 paper coupon doubled makes them $1.35. Bargain!
The P & G company comprises tons of different brands. The coupons tend to be heavy on Tide, Crest, Bounty and Bounce but all sorts of things show up on the list. It's just one more way to keep more money in your pocket and less in theirs.
For more deals, also try Cellfire and Shortcuts, two other sites that load directly onto your grocery card.


Robynn's Ravings said...

We used to call them Proctor & god when I was in the biz. They rule everything. Great tip! AND THANKS FOR THE NUMBER!!!!

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