Friday, March 13, 2009

The Frugal Maven Knows Cars

I am a car girl. I love driving cars and looking at cars and talking about cars. When I was ten I could give a list on demand of my top ten cars if money and availability were no object. I make my living servicing cars, which is a perfect and obvious use for my English degree. All day long I talk to people about what their cars need and how they should spend their money. All this, mind you, while the environmental side of me believes that we'll all be on the light rail and cycling everywhere sooner rather than later. Still, I am a veritable fount of information. If you want to know about Hondas I can recite 10 years worth of knowledge until your ears bleed and you beg for mercy. I can tell you about Lexus and Infiniti and Mercedes. If you want to know about timing belts I'm your girl. So I figure I can share some of this titillating cocktail party banter with you, my readers, who surely drive and buy cars with some regular frequency, even in these dark days. If you have car questions please feel free to ask at any time. Even during posts about laundry detergent or muffins or Indian food recipes. If I don't know the answer I'll make an honest stab at finding out before just telling you an outright lie.
So, in the interest of spreading knowledge and sharing the wealth, I will be doing tips weekly on items such as how to buy a used car, the ins and outs of warranties, and how to maintain your huge investments. First up, an accessory to never buy unless you want to be miserable:

Chrome wheels. I know, some of you would rather die than be seen with a set and some of you are dying to put a set on the car. They are obviously popular because they are everywhere. Here's what they don't tell you, though. Chrome wheels are dipped to get the chrome finish. This means it's very hard to get them weighted properly and that makes them hard to balance. You may put a set on only to find that your gorgeous automobile feels like a turnip truck on the road and there's nothing you can do about it. They also chip and pit easily. If you need to have one rechromed it usually has to be sent out to be done. Ours go to California and take about three weeks to come back. EPA regualations have caused most mom and pop chroming shops to fold and that means you are beholden to the few who still do repairs whereever they may be.


Treehouse Chef said...

Love the photos and tip on the chrome wheels. However, I don't think Gracie (my Toyota Camry) would look good with Chrome. BTW-can you tell me what that noise was again? You know- that sound it was making when I picked you up for book club.

Tatersmama said...

I love this idea! I should have sent my son to you before he bought the last lemon!

Robynn's Ravings said...

We have aluminum wheels on the Expedition and Jeep. Really low maintenance.

Hey, I LOVE having my own Click & Clack GAL! Man, that's handy! Thanks so much for the offer. :) You are a renaissance woman!

Frugal Maven said...

Thanks girls!
Treehouse Chef - I think I said it sounded like you water pump but I'll listen again at book club.

I think I'll like being a Click & Clack Gal!

Kim said...

Congratulations, you have been given an award. Check it out:

Also, loving the new slide show!

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