Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bad Acid Reflux Karma

This is my life now. After 43 years of never having had heartburn or acid reflux as it is so trendily called, I have been stricken. If I also develop restless leg syndrome or irritable bowels I'm going to be really pissed. Last night at dinner with friends one of them mentioned that she had terrible acid reflux. We laughed (mostly me) about what we call the "organ recital". That's when we act like old people and meander through each other's lists of symptoms and recent diagnoses.
I will never laugh about this again. I went home and promptly fell victim to what seemed to be a log being jammed down my throat and wedged in sideways. Poor Travis McGee got me a glass of tea, then cookies, then finally a Zantac after a little medical self-diagnosing with the help of the internets. We only had Zantac because I got it free at CVS on one of my coupon and extra care bucks extravaganzas. See, it does pay to hoard things you're sure you'll never use! Especially when they are free.
Now of course, twenty-four hours later, I am an expert on this dread disease. For instance, two fantastic ways to help relieve the pain are to chew gum (apparently Juicy Fruit is the best), and to drink a glass of water with baking soda in it. I love a cheap, easy fix. And I will never, ever, ever laugh again at someone's unfortunate pain. My bad acid reflux karma has taught me a lesson.


Treehouse Chef said...

Please let me know if the sebaceous cyst appears.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Sorry you were in pain but glad you got relief. And the baking soda thing is a good natural thing to try. And with any luck, a few minutes later, your belch will blast you across the room and the 5th grade boy that I channel will be sorry he missed it! lol If you're just now gettin' acid girly, you've led a charmed life. Must be all that good cookin'!

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