Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shazam! Hip and Stingy's Sunday Link Love

As all of us who sit in front of this little screen that rules our lives knows, there is a lot out there to sort through. Hence, some things that may not merit a full post or just something I don't want you to miss. Sundays are kind of my coupon and computer housecleaning days so I'm all about getting some stuff cleared out. Here goes:
  • Get a free Arby's Roastburger through March 9 by going here.

  • Get a $10 off of a $50 purchase at Dick's here.

  • A couple of weeks ago Tatersmama had a post about a koala that I've gone back to a couple of times because he is just so cute. Go visit him here.

  • Last week Robynn over at Robbyn's Ravings won for an essay she submitted at Red Pine Mountain titled Cinderella is Overrated. Take a look, it's worth a read!

  • Best blogger plug-in of the week: Adding a top commenter widget to your blog. Go here for the quick fix.

  • Get a $5 refill on any b/w or color ink cartridge through today at Walgreen's by printing this online coupon.

  • This week Bossy did Double Endemnity Barbie Theater. If you've never seen this go now. It beats almost any other movie you may see this year and it's genius!

  • Margaret over at Margaret and Helen finished up Anne Coulter's book this week. This is a sacrifice for all of us. The review is at least 5,000 times better than the book could possibly be, not that I'd ever pick it up. It still does not answer the question of how Coulter could possibly be a #1 New York Times bestselling author and nothing probably ever will.

  • Allen Salkin wears a Snuggie on the street for the New York Times and reports on the reactions. Haven't we all wanted to do this?

  • Treehouse Chef finished her first Daring Bakers Challenge. Congratulations! Not familiar with them? Join the overflowing crowd and cook something new here.


Treehouse Chef said...

Frugal Maven, Great info! I must check out the Barbie Movie today from I am bossy. Thanks for directing people to my Daring Bakers challenge. I wish you would join! The link in your post was somehow broken so if you click on this you will get to it.

Anonymous said...

FM,I took a field trip over to the Dollar Tree (where everything really is a dollar).I was shocked by how many name brands they have for YES, a dollar! Just a few... Reynolds Wrap-20sqft, Arizona Green Tea-the big jug! Later

Robynn's Ravings said...

Thanks for the plug dear! My eyes are crossed nearly permanently after making my post today - took forever!! I'm coming back tomorrow to check out all this stuff!

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