Friday, January 30, 2009

Frugality Gone Awry Fridays

There's always something to jack up our frugality. Or as a wise person once said, "If you want God to laugh, tell her your plans". Starting today and every Friday I would love for us to share how our thriftiness got rearranged this week. Please join me and comment and let's have a good old-fashioned airing out. If you lost a job we'll sympathize. If you wrecked the car we'll feel properly sad. If you bleached the family's blue jeans by mistake and have to buy all new ones well, we'll laugh. But not at you. Promise. In these lovely economic times I'm sure we've all scrimped in one way only to see the money fly out the door somewhere else. Come on, let's make ourselves feel better.

Frugality Gone Awry Week 1
I'll start with these damnable expensive pets. Benz (see above) somehow managed to get an infection in his paw. He limped around for a day or two so Travis McGee took him to the vet where he proceeded to get his picture taken with the techs, ate a sackful of treats, got a shot and generally got loved on by everybody. $130 later he was just fine. Literally. After leaving the vet's office he never limped again. The dog needed some retail therapy. The minute that debit card got swiped he felt ever so much better. This is a dog that was in too much pain to get up in the bed. So thank you my big puppy dog for taking our money this week. Now please tell me how your week went in the land of frugality gone awry.


Tatersmama said...

Frugality gone awry? Oh my...where do I start?
Maybe I'll just start with the last one.
We went to Melbourne for 3 days and are suffering through the longest and hottest heat wave Victoria has EVER experienced, so in aid of not cooking once we got home, we decided to buy 3 roast chickens on the way home. Cold chicken for dinner, salads, or just snacking. We paid $27 for those 3 cold suckers.
Only to come home to no electricity, due to heat-related blackouts and brownouts.
We ate a bit for dinner... but not much, because it was just too stinkin' hot to eat and besides, it's hard to eat chicken when you're standing in a cold shower, gave the cats their fill (they weren't hungry either) and have now wrapped up two of the chickens to throw in the bin. With temps at 44.1C (111.38F) with no electricity or only intermittent electricity, it's just not worth getting food poisoning.
The electricity is back on - this time (hopefully) for good, but I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that I have to throw out 90% of what's in the fridge.

Frugal Maven said...


That is three high-priced chickens! I feel for you--you know it's hot when the cats won't eat. Hope next week you won't be reporting on FGA Friday that you had to throw it all out. Thanks for the comment!

Kim said...

I can't think of anything right this minute. However, I'm dying to hear about that homemade soap!

Blackbeard's Wyfe said...

We had a similar experience with Seadog. He broke a toenail.

No Problem.... I'll just take him by the vets and let them trim off the broken part. Like you, $130 for the dog to get a pedicure!!!

Nothing more expensive than a "free dog"!!

Frugal Maven said...

Blackbeard's Wyfe,
Thanks for the comment. I went to your ship to get a look at Seadog. He looks the type. Little money grubber but oh so sweet looking. Love your blog! Thanks for visiting.

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