Sunday, January 10, 2010

January Pantry Challenge

Hello all! The beginning of this year has kicked my butt. Between inclement weather, extra work, my dad in the hospital, etc., etc., etc., the holidays are gone, the new year is here, and some of my resolutions have gone by the wayside. Business as usual.

We did sell our home in Florida, though. Actually, we sold it 8 mos ago. We merely closed on it on New Year's Eve. Nothing like pushing it to the very last minute. Anyway, if we don't think about how much money we lost on it, it's a good thing to have it off of our list.

So, starting the new year out right, we are doing the January Pantry Challenge set in motion over at Here at the Basilica we are going to eat that lamb shank that has been marinating in its' own frost for six months. We will find something to put those frozen cauliflower in and will eventually get around to doing something with the preponderance of cannellini beans that have given birth in our pantry. Next week I am hosting book club so it will be interesting to see what conglomeration of apple butter, black beans and cranberry sauce they will end up being served. So far this month the only grocery shopping I have done is a coffee stockup. World Market offers 2-1 punches on their coffee card on Wednesday and I had a $10 off $30 coupon so if the lights go out we'll have coffee until 2011. Travis McGee went out for eggs and milk today and that is hopefully it for this week's purchases.

I did make some orange marmalade out of four dessicated oranges, 2 shriveled limes and one very brown lemon that were wasting away in the fruit bowl. Rather than throw them out I figured I would put them to use using a very simple recipe I found here at recipezaar. I love this recipe because you just throw the cut up fruit in the food processor, rind and all. I added a little crystallized ginger but other than the sugar that is the sum total of the ingredients. It set up beautifully and is cooling on the counter as I write. The picture above is not mine. Mine actually is prettier with the little green bits of lime suspended in it. Yum! What are you NOT throwing out today?