Saturday, November 21, 2009

Alexander Girard and Marimekko Bargains!

Those of you who are modernists will break your necks getting to these deals. The rest of you will wonder what the fuss is about. Urban Outfitters has a fantastic deal on Alexander Girard bed linens. His Alphabet quilt has been marked down from $98 to $24.99. Go here to look around. There are also tons of deals on clothes and accessories. CB2 has some pretty good sales on their Marimekko designs also. Go here to see what's left. Thanks Owen and Rick for the heads-up and for leaving something for me to buy!


Treehouse Chef said...

Love the colors!!!!

Rick Cook said...

Dana: I LOVE your blog. You've made me ashamed of my own and inspired me to at least aspire to significantly upgraded blogging standards in the New Year. And for the record, I only told one other person -- Mary Lou Morreal, a typography freak and graphic design perfectionist, before stocking up myself and urging Owen to alert you. Mary Lou was suspicious re: quality, given the price points. So she set out, pith helmet on head and magnifying lens in hand, to study thread count and dye quality in person at Urban Outfitters. No update yet, but I hope it's positive; otherwise we'll be awash in low-quality production, high-quality textile design bedding here at the Up-with-People Bungalow. Rick

Frugal Maven said...


Thanks for the compliment! And the tip on the linens. Let me know what the quality ends up being.

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